Bathroom Installation

The following blog shows a full wetroom installation in my house, and will take you through the full installation stages from start to finish, and gives you an insight into some of the processes involved in creating your perfect bathroom.


The first step is to call into the showroom, and select your desired colour scheme. We can also offer a measuring service if you need it. Please ask a member of staff if this is something you wish to discuss.

Once you have selected the bathroom you desire, we can start to put the order into action.

For this example, I have chosen the Mereway Gloss Walnut fitted furniture, with a wetroom style floor, and double ended bath with a bath overflow filler. More about that later...

This is how the units are displayed in our showroom....


As you can see, this showroom display includes a wall hung WC and matching semi-recessed basin. The Units although dark in colour, are of a high gloss finish which really reflects the light and helps to give it a really upmarket look. This is the range I have decided to use in my en-suite, and later you will see the units being installed.

We offer a FREE marble upgrade for the worktops shown on this range as well, and later you will see how this worktop is templated and manufactured.

These units are all manufactured in the UK and are all solid construction. They are all pre-assembled with doors fitted, and all carcasses are fully glued and dowelled, so no flat packs to worry about assembling.

This is the room as it was before the installation started. As it was an extension to the house, it had bare plasterboarded walls, and bare floorboards. The builder had installed the first fix plumbing ready for the full installation, and the bath has been fitted as this is one of the first items to go in....



The above image shows the bare wall where the fitted furniture will be installed. As you can see the soil pipe is in situ, and the pipework for the basin is also pre installed by the builder.

In order to create the right layout for the room, I have created a plan showing where all of the units and other items will fit. A copy of this plan was supplied to the builder in advance so that all of the pipework could be fitted in the correct position...


Once the room has been planned, and the bathroom has been ordered, we order everything in from the relevant manufacturers. Once here, we store everything for you in our warehouse until the fitter is ready to start the work.

All items are labelled and carefully stored in racking to avoid damage....


Once the you and your fitter are ready for your delivery, we deliver to your door using our own van, and our own careful delivery driver. We never use third party delivery companies for any local deliveries. This avoids damage to fragile items in transit .


The floor is cut out to allow the recessing of the Wetroom flooring forma tray. This will form the area where the water will fall from the shower, and has a built-in fall to ensure the water drains away correctly.......


The metal tray shown is recessed into the hole cut in the floor, and is screwed to the floorboards around it, and sits on the joists below. The round hole in the middle of this tray is where the waste attaches and is held firmply in place with screws and silicon....


The rest of the waterproof wetroom flooring is then fitted directly to the existing floor boards.

The 'wet' area inside the showering area has guide lines to show where the tiles should be cut in order for them to form the correct fall to allow the water to drain.

This material is totally waterproof BEFORE tiling, so that even if any cracks appear in the grouting in the future, no water can get through, which will stop any water damage to the joists below.

Each panel is solvent welded to the next one so that it is solid......


The panelling is also fitted to the walls, and are solvent welded to the floor panels, giving a totally waterproof seal where the wall meets the floor.

Once this flooring and walling is laid, and screwed down, it is ready for the underfloor heating mat to be fitted, and then the tiles can be laid..


The tiles are first cut using the guidlines on the forma tray.

This is done before the underfloor heating is fitted, as this will cover the lines over and will no longer be visible.

The tiles are then removed, and the electric underfloor heating mat is taped to the floor as shown....


The floor is then ready to be fully tiled........


The tiles used in this project are a grade 4 porcelain, which are extremely hard wearing.

They require a wet-cutting tile cutter, and can be fitted to the walls and the floor without any worries of them cracking.


The units are then installed and levelled.....


The above image shows the cistren fitted inside the WC unit, and the steel frame for the wall hung WC. This frame is made from solid steel, and bolts securely to the floor and to the wall behind. This is where the strength comes from when hanging the toilet pan off the floor.

The following image shows the unit cut out to fit around the Durgo valve for the WC. The installer has used the cut out section of this unit to hide the Durgo Pipe when viewed from the inside of the unit....



The next stage is to template the worktop.

As the worktop is going to be made from solid natural marble, the next stage is to create a template. The installer in this case uses a sheet of plywood which he cuts to the correct shape...... 



This template is then used in the factory to cut the marble to the exact size and is polished at the front edge. In this bathroom, we are also fitting a matching marble window sill which is also templated......


Once the worktops and window sill is complete, (usually within approx 3-4 days), we then deliver the pieces to site for the installer to fit....



The walls are then tiled. The grout lines are carefully planned to ensure there are a minimum of small cuts on the tiling. A gap is left to allow a stripe of mosaics to create a focal point in the room...



Once the tiling is completed, all of the grouting is done, and all of the finishing touches are done.

The handles are fitted to the doors, and the bath panels are fitted.


The finished room looks great.......


This run of fitted units consists of a 600mm Drawerline Unit, 600mm Basin Vanity Unit, 300mm Drawerline unit, 600mm WC unit with Dante Wall Hung pan, and a 200mm Toilet Roll Unit on the far right. The mirror has a demister pad, and a round magnifying mirror to the bottom right, with an LED Backlight and infra red on/off.


The wetroom area - With Fixed ceiling mounted shower head, and additional slide rail shower kit.

The shower valve positioned for easy reach from outside the showering area.


The Bath has bath panels which match the units and look really good with the high gloss finish The bath fills from the overflow, using a bath filler system fitted to the overflow hole.

Please ask in the showroom for a demonstration.


Thats it. You are now ready to 'relax in style' in your new bathroom.

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